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Halo Cuts & Style brings to the Mission Viejo hair styling and barbering community:

 "Hair Care with Economical Elegance"
Economical: providing good value and service                Elegence: attribute of effective and simple beauty

Whether you are looking for a color, cut and blow dry, a regular perm, or a simple men's or kid's haircut, Halo Cuts & Style will deliver the look you desire at the price you want.

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Owners Steven Nguyen and Alysha Pou, each with over 10 years experience in hair cutting, styling, coloring and more, are proud to offer a new Hair Salon in Mission Viejo. Halo Cuts & Style, considered by some their Barber in Mission Viejo, caters to men, women and children who are looking for today's hair care services at reasonable prices. Our as we like to say:

 "Hair Care with Economical Elegance."

We have designed our new salon in Mission Viejo so that ample natural light and the newly appointed stylist stations will create an atmosphere of comfort and professionalism. We even have HD TVs at our stations, which few Barbers in Mission Viejo have, for those of you who enjoy catching up on the latest news, sporting event or favorite program. Our goal is create or maintain the look you want and make each first time customer a regular client.

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Short Hairstyle
We don't look at short hair for women as risky. There are many feminine looking short hairstyles that we like. Plus you have the added bonus of short hair as being low maintanence. Short hairstyles are definitely not for everyone, but you can possibly find that a short hair syle is actually more flattering than a longer hairstyle. Halo Cuts & Style, the hair salon in Mission Viejo many people trust, recommends that you are sure before you completely change your hair style as it takes time before your hair will grow back. We can help you make the right decision by reviewing with you the different hairstyles you are considering. We have plenty of magazines to look at the many different styles that are possible to create. There are so many hairstyles for short hair that we thought we would discuss a few.

Layered hair
Layered hair is a popular short hairstyle, featured by many Hair Salons in Mission Viejo, with longer layers underneath can look feminine. We believe it is particularly flattering if you have delicate features. We like layered hair because it creates a feminine look, and also makes it possible to create additional styles.

Short hair with bangs
Short hair with bangs is a hairstyle that looks great with short to mid–length hair. As you know, long bangs can flatter a high forehead. Halo Cuts Y Style especially like the asymmetrical bangs that gives this hairstyle an edgy look. It is a good hairstyle for those who want to have a shorter hairstyle, but retaining a little more length.

Boy Cut 

Boy cut
If you have delicate features, like Natalie Portman, this hair style can really accenuate them. It highlights your eyes and lips, and at the same time frames your face.

Bobs, which have been popular for sometime, smooth the hair cut into a bob that creates a business–like look. This is even more true if your hair is angled at the ends, as this will also frame your face. Halo Cuts & Styles likes to cut with a razor at the nape of your neck to create a more feminine look to this style.

Messy hair
Like Halle Berry above, this style can look fantastic. Messy hair tends to be a choppy cut, and the hair is generally unkempt. We would recommend you also include soft bangs to add some originality. This is another good hairstyle for someone who has never previously had short hair as it often borders on a mid-length style.

Styling short hair
In addition to the attractive styles we really like that short styles do not need expensive styling products. We do recommend some products that will lock the hair in place, and create a smooth style. Let your Halo Cuts & Styles stylist discuss with the products to use with your short hair.

As long as you choose the right style, short hair can be very flattering and feminine.  Celebrities such as Natalie Portman and Halle Berry are two great examples. Call Halo Cuts & Styles, your Hair Salon in Mission Viejo, and we will create a short hair style you will love. 

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